Follow the Money Blocking Climate Change Action

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6 min readJul 27, 2022

Koch fossil fuel profits pay the GOP to block action to fight climate change and pack the Supreme Court to cripple the EPA.

How does the Koch empire prevent the EPA from regulating its pollution that causes climate change? Why are GOP Senators so adamantly opposed to fighting climate change while their voters have their houses flooded, farms suffer from drought and have to breathe toxic air? What happens when a politicized Supreme Court is beholden to the groups that got them nominated?

Follow along with this StoryMap to see how climate change is devastating Missouri, Utah, Florida and Wisconsin while their Senators block measures to fight climate change.

Follow the money blocking Climate Change action

Record breaking floods in St. Louis

Thousands of people lost power and at least one person died after downpours in St. Louis broke the record for the most rainfall ever recorded in a single day in the city. All-time record-breaking rainfall brings flash flooding to St. Louis. Last week, Missouri Gov. Mike Parson declared a drought alert for dozens of counties in the state. Meteorologists say because the heavy rain was so concentrated in the metro region many of those counties are still dealing with severe drought. — STL Public Radio

A record rainfall Tuesday across the St. Louis metro led to flash flooding, road closures and multiple reports of submerged vehicles. Firefighters in the city were scrambling before sunrise Tuesday, putting small boats in the water to try to check vehicles to make sure no one is inside. “We’re being overrun here,” St. Louis fire Capt. Garon Mosby said as he closed out a video on Twitter, urging people to avoid standing water. — TulsaWorld

Why is DHS Focusing on Woke Climate Agenda? — Hawley

I write with concern over the Department of Homeland Security’s announcement to create a new Climate Change Professionals Program. Unfortunately, instead of focusing on the crisis at the southern border, you are prioritizing the creation of woke partisan government programs.

Salt Lake dries up creating toxic dust

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