Hurricane Ian exposes Property Insurance Mess Florida Republicans have created

Democracy Labs
5 min readOct 7, 2022

Rubio and Scott vote against storm aid. DeSantis fundraises from insurance firms while Florida residents struggle to get affordable property insurance.

Follow the money, flooding and storm damage with this map. Vote for leaders who put constituents above their own political ambitions.

Hurricane relief and property insurance not more Republican grandstanding

Counter political spin with the facts

Help voters see how Republican policies reward their corporate donors at their expense. Maps are ideal for exposing exploitation. Readers can quickly check local conditions to see how they are being affected personally. Florida Keys Dems created this map with pro bono help from DemLabs using ArcGIS Online to show flooding with real time NOAA data. Where were hurricane evacuations delayed vs the most damage took place? Which areas are still suffering the most from flooding?

Keep it short and simple

Use GIFs to encapsulate your message into a short animated message. This GIF was created with the free iMovie app and EZGIF to explain the…

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