Que incluye BBB para ti? Free apps for better Hispanic outreach.

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4 min readDec 4, 2021

How can information in the public interest be shared broadly when billionaires control media outlets?

“Psychological-ops degrade the morale and well-being of citizens by spreading false information, rumor and fear through social media and news outlets.”WEF

Why is it that certain TV channels stoke downplay good news and health safety measures, while spreading conspiracy theories and stories that divide society? Follow the money. How can billionaires damage public support for bills that propose billionaires pay their fair share of taxes? What can be done in this lopsided battle between billionaire owned media channels that deny the public information that could improve their lives.

How can organizers share how people stand to benefit from a new program? How can they explain this in different languages? So people can quickly scan the information by phone and get more details later? How can this be done by grassroots groups with no money and little tech savvy? How can organizers respond quickly to disinformation and revise their messaging as needed?

This blog describes how we created the ¿Que incluye BBB para ti? app which describes twenty benefits of the Build Back Better Bill in Spanish. The app was created in a day by two people with free apps from Google, Apple and Glide. This app explains the benefits of the Build Back Better bill in Spanish, but the same approach works for outreach on other issues.

Share this app freely with this link https://bbbparati.glideapp.io/
Share as a GIF https://media.giphy.com/media/6hG8VTt3TcIullBBHz/giphy.gif

Designing information to be shared

  • Information has to be provided in bite sized nuggets, but with links for more details.
  • Make the information easy to see on a phone with captions so it can be watched on mute.
  • Let people search for information on the topic(s) they are interested in.
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