Ten best voting information websites

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2 min readOct 3, 2022

September 29, 2022

Finding information on where, when and how to vote isn’t easy.

Details are scattered across different websites. Sometimes it’s hard to find answers to your specific question or getting the answer in your language. This infographic can help. It takes information from many different sources and puts them at your fingertips so you can quickly find answers.

This map shows how to get voting information about when, where and how to vote from different sources. Click on an icon or search from one of the pull down menus at the top:

  • Keyword: Any term you are interested in
  • Action: What you’d like to do
  • Group: Type of voter e.g. veteran, retired…
  • Region: Where you live
  • Language: Your preferred language

Note: This information is not a substitute for legal advice. Please consult an attorney to check your specific eligibility before registering to vote.

Best voting information websites

Make information more useful

Voter suppression make voting hard to begin with. Finding the details on how and where should not be another hurdle. This infographic collects information different reputable websites and makes them searchable in different ways. The aim is to make the information more readily searchable and easy to share. This is done by having pull down menus with different categories which makes it a breeze to quickly sort through a lot of information to find what you’re looking for.

Please let us know of other useful resources that should be added to it.

League of Women Voters

Our favorite single website for voter information is the Vote411 website from League of Women Voters. It has a map interface making it easy to search and has a lot of easy to use information.

Other websites referenced

This infographic collects information from different sources and makes them all easier to search. A few of the resources include:

TakeAway: Democracy is on the ballot. Fight voter suppression by making it easier for people to find voting related information.

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