The Future of Roe V. Wade: Women’s Choice Election 2022

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4 min readMay 3, 2022

This StoryMap shows what you can do to elect candidates who will protect the rights of women & restore integrity to our justice system.

The Republican-stacked Supreme Court poised to trash Roe v. Wade.

EVERY non-voting woman and man who supports Reproductive Choice MUST know that we are:

  • “JUST. 2. MORE” Senators away from passing “The Women’s Health Protection Act” which will OVERRULE The Supreme Court, and the upcoming SCOTUS decision.
  • “JUST. 2. MORE” to create a carve-out to the stupid filibuster rule and allow 50 Senators and Vice President Harris to CODIFY “Roe v. Wade” protections into Federal Law. — Richard Greene

This StoryMap shows how Republicans have stacked the Supreme Court with ultra-right wing justices. How Mitch McConnell has politicized the courts and what you can do to make sure to elect candidates who will protect the rights of women and restore integrity to our justice system.

2022 Women’s Choice Election

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StoryMap design

  1. How Mitch McConnell and Republicans packed the Supreme Court with ultra-conservative justices who claimed to abide by established Roe v Wade precedent during their nominations, but then proceeded to deny women their rights.
  2. Map of Senators who are up for re-election in 2022 and what they have publicly said about women’s rights, so that readers can make informed decisions.
  3. How to frame the choice for voters in 2022 — Richard Greene
  4. How to find out about ProChoice candidates — Vote ProChoice
  5. How to register to vote — Headcount
  6. How to spread Pro Choice messages on social media with GIFs from IntoAction
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