Where are the people you’re looking for? Ask the map.

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3 min readFeb 14, 2022

Geotarget campaigns with demographic data to help people register to vote and mobilize existing voters.

Better data plays helps choose where to focus to get the best results. Smart maps make it easier to choose from dozens of demographic criteria to overlay on a map to better plan campaigns. When in doubt, Ask The Map.

This blog explains ASK THE MAP which helps campaign pick the best areas to canvass. This case study shows how a campaign in Prince George’s County, Maryland is using it to reach communities where residents have a somewhat liberal outlook, sometimes vote in national election and the median household income is under $78,000. This research was done in half an hour without using a voter file. Learn more about how nonprofit groups can use the service for free here.

ASK THE MAP — where to focus your efforts

Geo targeting with data

  • Choose the area you’re interested in with the search bar, such as Prince George’s County in this example
  • Choose the area of interest — state, county, district, precinct or block
  • Choose the demographic criteria that describes your target audience
  • Adjust the upper and lower threshold levels using the slider. Here we chose income below $78,000
  • As these values are changed, the map change immediately to reflect your choices
  • Prepare a report with details on the selected area.

Demographic targeting criteria

Demographic targeting helps advertisers target the right audience. Advertising based on certain demographics reduces unnecessary impressions and saves budget by only showing ads to people who will be interested. Demographics are common characteristics and qualities that describe a person or group of people such as

  • Age.
  • Gender.
  • Race/Nationality.
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